Direct scene observation, in grey levels based on revealed emissive heat.

In other words, enabling your “infrared eye”.


Firefighting is made easier with thermal cameras providing vision through smoke and the capability to localize victims or sources of fire. It helps firefighters to take care of theirselves, make quicker and better decisions to save people lives.

Fire fighting

Modern navigation devices (i.e. GPS, radar, sonar, weather station…) of course contribute to safety enhancement, but their backlit displays significantly disturb the eyes. Indeed, at night, vision relies on rod cells, and it takes typically 15 to 40 minutes to adapt to a change of light… Navigate with a digital thermal camera for a safer navigation, eye comfort and less fatigue.


Current infrared digital equipments enable to see even at half a mile and, for some of them, to capture images. Moreover, it can reveal any living creature and provide vision independently from daylight.

Nature observation

Camera traps embed

Camera traps

As for monitoring heterogenous traffic, thermal imaging can be a precious camera type reducing overall system costs, increasing reliability and ignore bad visibility due to a lack of light, even to long distances.

Traffic monitoring