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Device-ALab, specialist of low noise infrared cores, today announced the delivery of a second batch of SmartIR320 uncooled thermal camera modules to a key account.

Featuring a casing section of only 24×24 square millimeters and pixels of 12 microns, these new SmartIR320 products embedd the Ulis ATTO320™ microbolometric sensor with a QVGA resolution (320×240 pixels). Daravan LY, CEO & Co-Founder comments: “We were able to successfully design in a short time the cameras, embedding the very first units of Ulis chips. Our knowledge and the support of the chip vendor enabled to tackle each challenge attached to the integration of a new sensor.” Indeed, the move from 17 microns down to 12 microns pitch divides pixel surface by a factor of two. The challenge to gain sensitivity while keeping noise low is addressed at both levels: sensor, of course, but also proximity electronics board, topic of excellence for Device-ALab. The team is also working at optimizing performance at higher frame rates (50 Hz or more) requested by some demanding clients.

Beside the USB proxy modules already available are to come the 12 microns IrLugX™ engine cores, featuring embedded processing and various digital and analog video interfaces, especially BT656 and PAL/NTSC. They are of special interest for applications were compacity and unit cost are at stake, first of them being googles, monocular and thermal weapon sight. In other applications such as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, system designers interested in 12 ?m may consider easy swap thanks to Device-ALab modular and growing product range.


Atto320™ is a trademark owned by Ulis (Further info available at IrLugX™ is a trademark owned by Device-ALab (Further info available at


Based in Grenoble “Silicon Valley” – France, Device-Alab is a dynamic player in electronic subsystems and embedded high-performance solutions, especially infrared cameras. Company is structured to address small to middle volumes of standard / custom products in the following applicative markets: defense, security, industry, healthcare as well as leisure and smart cities. Clients typically include equipment manufacturers and device makers. Team knowledge roots in decades at Thomson-TCS, Atmel & E2V in development of electronic subsystems for Imaging (industrial cameras, X-ray sensors) and Data Conversion (DAC-ADC development kits). Further info available at


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