MicroCube – THE new Ultra-Compact ITAR-free thermal camera core

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Grenoble, France – 13 June 2022 (for immediate release)

One year after Photonis and Device-ALab joined forces, Photonis is proud to introduce the MicroCube, the smallest ITAR-free VGA uncooled LWIR camera core. With remarkably small size and low consumption, it definitely sets a new standard in European offering of 12 μm pixel thermal cameras for SWaP optimized applications.

The demand of miniaturization is critical for applications where consumption or footprint are key factors. The development of UAVs, UGVs and robot-type platforms, rifle sights, handheld devices and battery-powered equipments requires to develop high performance Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) optimized devices with affordable price. The MicroCube is the suitable answer which provides to OEMs the highest level of image quality in an incredible small size.

“Keeping the sensor performance in a cube smaller than a dice was our challenge and positions Photonis at the edge of the art of thermal camera core” comments Daravan Ly, Managing Director of Device-Alab.
Offering high sensitivity in 22 mm cube side, weighing 22 g and consuming 0.82 W, will open the door of numerous applications. The MicroCube VGA (640×480 pixels) format takes benefits of existing Device-Alab product range, with key functionalities such as shutterless, automated gain control (AGC) and trigger. This new state-of-the-art camera core enables OEMs to easily and quickly build their thermal systems with improved Detection,

Reconnaissance and Identification (DRI) features. Wide range of interfaces have also been taken-into account to cover the main standards (including MIPI-CSI2) already used in the market.

Last but not least, the MicroCube is a product fully made in Europe, which prevents our customers to supply chain shortage and regulation changes. It will also contribute to strengthen technological sovereignty and capabilities.


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Device-ALab was incorporated in 2010 as a spin-off of E2V semiconductors based in Saint-Egrève (38). The team skills originate from decades of work at Thomson-TCS, Atmel & E2V in development of electronic subsystems for Imaging (industrial cameras, X-ray sensors) and Data Conversion (DAC-ADC development kits). Since 2017, the company has successfully undergone a strategic transformation from an engineering company to a core-camera product company with a remarkable growth. Device-Alab is fully part of Digital Vision Business Unit, Photonis Group since March 2021.
For more information : www.device-alab.com


Photonis is a high-tech company, with more than 80 years of experience in the innovation, development, manufacture and sale of technologies in the field of photo detection and imaging. Today, it offers its customers detectors and detection solutions: its power tubes, digital cameras, neutron & gamma detectors, scientific detectors and intensifier tubes allow Photonis to respond to complex issues in environments extremely demanding by offering tailor-made solutions to its customers. Thanks to its sustained and permanent investment, Photonis is internationally recognized as a major innovator in optoelectronics, with production and R&D carried out on 5 sites, in Europe and the USA. For more information : www.photonis.com


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