Smart city aims at improving quality of life for citizens while optimizing city functions and economic growth compliant with sustainable development. This requires to constantly visualize and understand functioning, consumptions, detect possible abnormalities and adapt services.

Device-ALab infrared imaging modules directly contribute to tackle challenges of smart city, by enabling real-time monitoring in many related fields e.g. smart building, transport system and traffic management, smart grids, …


As for monitoring heterogenous traffic, thermal imaging can be a precious camera type reducing overall system costs, increasing reliability and ignore bad visibility due to a lack of light, even to long distances.

Traffic monitoring

Localizing a suspected leak in a building can turn to be delicate, sometimes requiring to stop operations, if not probe walls or floors but fortunately thermal imaging makes it easier to detect leaks.

Leak location

Thermal devices are an advanced solution of monitoring and building management.

Building Occupancy